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ComThings believes that next big thing after home & car sharing is peer-to-peer parking sharing. But how can you share a parking spot in a secure and simple way? Our technology allows parking space owners to rent their parking spot for hours or several days. Users benefit from the large supply provided by private individuals. Parking owners and users manage the access using their smartphone and an accessory acting as a generic pass. This digital key is a secure clone of the original remote control. The process has been simplified to improve the user experience and it only takes a few seconds. Users book and pay online. No modification to the garage door mechanism is needed and the parking owner can revoke access at any time. Our target customers are all people looking for an alternative, cheaper and widely spread parking solution

ComThings: The solution for peer-to-peer parking sharing

What we offer

A technical solution for peer-to-peer parking players

What we are looking for

Companies and cities looking for new solution for parking spots.


  • Transport and mobility


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