The connected maintenance

Enhance your assets' diagnosis

INTESENS provides solutions for remote monitoring of machines and infrastructures, and transmits the relevant indicators through IDIAG Web platform and its smart sensors. Based in TIC Valley in Labège (near Toulouse, France), the company benefits from the dynamic environment about new technologies of IoT (Internet of Things).

INTESENS, the connected maintenance

Ce que vous vendez

INTESENS supports industrial companies in their energy transition.

IDIAG Stats-Am’ solution allowed users to know in real time, energy consumption of a machine or an equipment, wherever it is.
IDIAG’s solution comprises autonomous and wireless smart sensors connected to a web secure platform. It is a “plug and play” solution, really easy to implement.

It’s a real innovation in industrial sector. For example, it’s now possible to monitor in real time the power consumption of an air conditioning in Spain, from every computer in the world.
Thus, maintenance operators reduce on site displacement and risks.

Mots clés

  • Energy management
    • energie '
  • Transport and mobility
  • Public lighting
  • Building
  • Smart grids

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