Azzura Lights is one of the leaders energy and water saving.

With a unique approach using entertaining and educational awareness, Azzura Lights is one of the leaders energy and water saving. Our customers are energy suppliers, local authorities, social housing and private companies.

Azzura Lights has received several awards for its social and environmental initiatives.

Azzura Lights offers services that ensure the success of your energy saving actions.

Azzura Lights is a provider of energy savings and
Energy efficiency certificates (EEC).

Control of energy consumption and cost control.

Ce que vous vendez

Azzura Lights is a service company specialized in the control of energy consumption and cost control.
Azzura Lights experimented between 2009 and 2013 a program to fight against energy poverty and control of energy bills from 2000 households in the PACA region, in partnership with social landlords 4: Riviera habitat Erilia, and family home new home d'Azur.

We have achieved remarkable results and we want you to benefit from our expertise.

For example:

• Invoice Reduction
• Fight against energy poverty
• measurable energy savings Action
• unpaid Reduction
• Creation of a social link between people

Mots clés

  • Energy management
    • energie '
  • Sustainable environment
  • Water
  • Smart grids
  • Communication

Collaborations souhaitées

  • Cession de brevet ou Concession de licence d'exploitation
  • Accord commercial
  • Accord de fabrication




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