Sustain SA is a luxembourgish based consultancy company
providing top notch services in the field of CSR and Smart City integrated solutions.

Sustain SA has developed a complete portfolio of integrated services to respond to CSR and Smart City issues and challenges. Our flexible approach allows us to create
personalized strategic on a business case approach: business is for profit, and profit is for purpose. Being the initiator of the Brain Team Smart City Luxembourg, Sustain offers strategic and technological assistance in the various domains of the Smart City dynamics, with a focus on innovation, transversality and user/citizen integration.

Smart City Consultant

What we offer

Sustain SA is a Luxembourg sustainability strategy consultancy which areas of expertise are sustainability management and Smart City Innovation schemes. Our strategic support gives you the opportunity to commit your company to a sustainable development process
thanks to a holistic approach based on the ISO 26000 standard. Moreover, it gives you access to a network of partners to help you optimize the potential of your Smart
City innovation projects.

We have developed various toolboxes to build up Smart City projects in a very smoothly and practical way: Smove for Mobility - Service Design for User Integration - Smart Cloud for ICT integration - Neobuild for Smart Buildings - Elecktra for Smart Grid integration - CDC for Capacity Building.

Our key USP: Taking projects from idea to successful projects!

What we are looking for

We are looking for:

1. New customers: regions, cities, companies who would like to take sustainable profit from Smart City schemes

2.a.: Partners: Urban planners, architects and engineers who ould like to sparr their undergoing projects

2.b.: Partners: Innovative technology providers who would like to be part of our eco-system

2.c.: Partners: People and companies interested in EU funded projects ( Horizon 2020 - Interreg - FII ).


  • Transport and mobility
  • Sustainable environment
  • Building
  • ICT
  • Communication

Collaboration sought

  • Technical cooperation
  • Commercial agreement
  • Joint research project



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