Building engineering - BIM

METARELIEF is an SME focused on digital engineering services applied to the construction sector. The staff is made of seasoned engineers who have worked on large construction projects and on software development on the international scene. we are skilled in BIM, structure and thermal engineering in particular.

Digital engineering applied to the construction sector, including BIM services

Ce que vous vendez

We may be the BIM Manager of your construction or renovation project. We propose other services like
- sales support through 3D imaging
- digitalization of existing space with a 3D laser scanner and conversion to a BIM model
- reconstruction of BIM models from exsiting drawings or audits
- thermal engineering from BIM models
- support to a team willing to implement of a BIM collaborative platform
- and many others...

Ce que vous recherchez

We are interested in collaborating in real construction and renovation projects, as well as research and demonstration projects, at national or international scale.

Mots clés

  • Energy management
    • energie '
  • Sustainable environment
  • Building
  • ICT
  • Communication

Collaborations souhaitées

  • Coopération Technique
  • Accord commercial
  • Projet de R&D commun


BIM Manager

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