Royal Technical Institute is one of the best technical universities in Swerden. The School of Technology and Health is co-located with Karolinska insitututet at Flemingsberg. The GAPSlabs is working in developing new and innovative urban mobility Solutions, including health logistics. We are focussing on provinding an Environment in which different stakeholders can use games and Simulation to develop better Solutions for tomorrows mobility Needs.

Protoworld- a gamebased tool for shaping the city with a common language

What we offer

ProtoWorld is an interactive simulation tool that allows mobility stakeholders to collaborate in envisioning new mobility strategies and experimenting with different scenarios in a realistic but accessible 3d-simulation environment

Playful, accurate and extensible, ProtoWorld provides the realism of a simulation and the interactivity of a game. It is the simulation platform for city planners, municipal governance bodies, transport service providers, citizen associations, who together want to shape their future city. Highly detailed and realistic simulation of travel patterns
Artificial life of mobile citizens
Connecting many simulations in a 3d environment, easily extended with additional simulations
Allows for the gamification of mobility planning

What we are looking for

Are you a city planner, municipal governance body, transport service provider, consultant or a citizens association? Interested in participatory simulations and serious games for developing new or improving exisiting mobility solution?
Then you might try our gaming Environment integrating several simulations.
We are looking for stakeholders involved in the process of developing and plan urban mobility who would be interested in using our tool and develop it further in order to generate Business.


  • Security and safety
  • Transport and mobility
  • Health
  • ICT

Collaboration sought

  • Joint research project
  • Other exploitation partner


Co director GaPSlabs

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