Smart energy management

IrRADIARE advises on new investments, public-private cooperation and regional public policies. Its widely tested expertise on energy systems modeling ranges from industrial process to city scale. IrRADIARE's smart energy management platform is currently supporting more than 100 municipalities and 10000 consumption points with electronic invoicing and 15 mins sensoring.
Advanced model-based solutions to assess, improve and integrate assets in energy efficiency or renewables have been delivered throughout Europe as well as in the US, Brasil and South Korea. Modeling capabilities proved being a key tool in optimizing existing assets and new investments’ profitability and integration and monitoring.
Reciprocally, elsewhere, our methods and systems, namely IEMSY, are available to phase-in new smart-city programmes.
IrRADIARE is active in EU Member-states from Lisbon, Brussels and Warsaw.


Ce que vous vendez

Smart management urban environment and utilities, namely energy, water, public realm, green spaces, distributes generation, fleets and street lighting.

Ce que vous recherchez

Partner cities and municipalities.

Mots clés

  • Transport and mobility
  • Sustainable environment
  • Health
  • Public lighting
  • Building
  • Water
  • Wastes
  • ICT
  • Smart grids

Collaborations souhaitées

  • Coopération Technique
  • Accord commercial
  • Projet de R&D commun


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