During almost a centenary history «Electron» passed its way up from a small electrical engineering workshop to a large multi-branch corporation.Enterprises of Corporation:
LLC JV «Electrontrans»
Production of urban electric transport - low-floor trams, buses and electric buses of heightened comfort level.
«ElectronMash» plant
Production of municipal vehicles of multifunctional purpose, ambulances.
«Spheros-Electron» Ltd
Production of autonomic fluid heaters, receivers, fuel tanks, steering columns for means of transport.
Scientific-research company «Karat»
Development of nano- and microelectronics, sensitive equipment and informatics, opto- and acoustoelectronics, quantum electronics, optics, etc.
«Polymer-Electron» plant
Polymeric, plastic and polystyrene articles production
«Electronpobutprylad» Ltd
Production of low-power motors of industrial and household purpose.
Separate designers office «Tecon-Electron»
Development, production, modernization and maintenance of radioelectronic equipment

Thinking Green. The best solution for your city!

What we offer

The ELECTRON TRAMS are up to date one space100% low-floor cars whose enginnering level meets all the present European norms elaborated for urban electric transport.

The combination of modern desighn, high quality components and materials as well as the skilled engeneering design are ELECTRON TROLLEYBUSES.

Low operating cost , no emissions and easy maintance makes ELECTRON ELECTRIC BUSES the most promising type of passenger transport in a modern city. The battery perfomance allows fast high current charging (70% in 15-20min) and has long life cycle.

What we are looking for

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