AP Sourcing is a Singapore based company with a main Representative office located in Shezhen, China.
We provide fast cost-effective sourcing and development solutions all through Asia.
Our market USA, Africa

Apsourcing Pte Ltd

What we offer

Our Expertise.
Manufacturig, Development solution, Project follow-up, Quality control, Provide technicqal expertise in a wide selection of aeras.

What we are looking for

We are looking for technologies for waste-water (or sewage) treatment system and more particularly for black water treatment system.
This equipment will have to be of high performance as well as economical for this one will be provided to developing countries. Africa and Asia.
Our company, which previously worked on individual water filter network and individual lighting is now moving to this bio digester network.
Therefore, we are looking for a partner, R&D or research centre which will be able to develop its own solution in this specialized field of individual black water treatment system.


  • Water
  • Wastes

Collaboration sought

  • Technical cooperation
  • Commercial agreement
  • Manufacturing agreement


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