“Accessible?” is an app for in-depth accessibility information, where a place can be searched by name, location, category, distance, or activity, and filtered according to the user’s accessibility profile. The search results in a map & list, ranked by how well it matches the user’s profile and only tailored data is displayed.

The app is multilingual, and it’s UI/UX is accessible. It integrates beacons for a place’s customized info, and provides places with tips & tools to increase accessibility.

We're an Israel based startup targeting two types of customers:
Accessibility customers - people with disabilities, parents with baby strollers or children, elderly people, and their loved ones. They will use the app for free.

Our paying customers are the information providers: those registering places (cities, attractions, touristic highlights, public places etc.), private businesses and events.

Join us to enhance accessibility - the key to equality, inclusion and independence!


Ce que vous vendez

By the year 2020, 25% of the general population will be accessibility-users. For leisure-time and tourism customers it's up to 65% - that is including the aging population.
In order to adapt your business and city appropriately we offer:
- Registration with our app - for free!
- valuable access statements for your client's information.
- Translation services for tourists
- Sharing & SEO options
- beacons to provide on-spot information
- our team doing the assessment for you
- tools to increase your accessibility - for free!

Ce que vous recherchez

Cooperation with:
- Representatives of cities, toursim attractions & highlights, people responsible for public places, transport or services.
- Private businesses, especially in the tourism industry
- Event organizors
- Manager of websites especially index sites in every customer related service or business - most of all in the toursim industry.
- Sales agents: we encourage (and create jobs for) people with disabilities to register places with our app for a fee.

We have different advantage packages that are very relevant to increase income, attract more customers, improve customer service and citizen's life-quality.

Mots clés

  • Security and safety
  • Transport and mobility
  • Sustainable environment

Collaborations souhaitées

  • Accord commercial


Social Entrepreneur

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